Crowbar HERO Photo


CROWBAR – 2017
To celebrate Canada”s 150 Birthday,  Original Members of Crowbar,


Sonnie Bernardi, John Gibbard,and Roly Greenway, with veteran musicians friends Ray Harrison, Terry Branagh, John Dickie and Glenn Higgins have come together to play a few select concerts this summer, including, “Blues with a Feeling”, a tribute to Richard Newell (King Biscuit Boy), and the HaveRock Festival in Havelock. Sets will include songs from their albums,

Bad Manors, Larger Than Life, Heavy Duty, Official Music (with King Biscuit Boy),  KE32746  and some old favorites.


Crowbar has reunited in the past for appearances at the Hamilton Music Awards, with Gordie Tapp where they received the Life Time Achievement Award, and at the Socan Songwriters Hall Of Fame Awards where their hit single OWAF was inducted.